The Basic TCM Course for NAET Practitioners:



The Basic TCM Course is designed specifically for practitioners wishing to study NAET.  It is a required course which introduces the theories of Traditional Chinese Medicine and prepares practitioners to learn and absorb the foundations and practice of NAET.  Topics include Five Element Theory, Yin/Yang Theory, Meridians and Acupoints and treatment protocols.  The Basic TCM Course consists of 25 hours of home study followed by 25 hours of classroom instruction.  Successful completion of the 50 hour Basic TCM Course fulfills the requirement for practitioners to begin taking NAET courses.  Please consult NAET directly for questions regarding eligibility to take their courses. 

Required Texts for The Basic TCM Course for NAET Practitioners 

Available through

The Foundations of Chinese Medicine (most recent edition) 
by Giovanni Maciocia